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Jumping Off the Plane


Forging the next generation of warriors.

The U.S. military plays a crucial role in national defense and global peacekeeping. However, declining enlistment rates pose a challenge. Addressing this requires a multifaceted, community-based approach that highlights the merits and rewards of service. REFORGE aims to bridge this gap by working with various community stakeholders.

Reforge stands as a symbol of hope for many young individuals in search of guidance, meaning, and a solid foundation. By nurturing a community dedicated to service and the upliftment of its youthful members, we have the potential to spark renewed enthusiasm for military service, securing a more robust future for our nation's defense and the brave souls willing to safeguard it.

Our focus is on practical engagement. We strive to connect with them where they are, which is the driving force behind our collaboration with local recruiters to organize large-scale events that are entertaining, informative, and highlight the exemplary traits of first responders and military personnel. These gatherings present a chance for veterans to mentor the younger generation and create a unifying space where civilians, veterans, and active-duty personnel can come together.

some facts


The Army missed its enlistment goal by 10,000 in 2023, recruiting only 55,000 new soldiers


The Air Force is projected to have a 27,000 recruit deficit for 2023


The crisis is termed "unprecedented" with eligibility issues like obesity and educational deficiencies


Only the Marine Corps has met its recruitment goals by July of Fiscal Year 2023​​.


The Navy is expected to fall short by 6,000 recruits


There's been a 39% decline in active-duty members since 1987​



Educate youth about the opportunities and benefits that come with military service.


Collaborate with local community figures, from teachers to public officials, to create a cohesive support network.



Leverage the experience of veterans and active-duty members to guide and mentor prospective recruits. 


Collaborate with first responders, veterans, recruiters and schools  to hold combined training and awareness programs, demonstrating the interconnectedness of service roles.

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