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Volunteers distributing blankets and other donations to refugees on the Ukrainian border..



We stand firm in our belief: when veterans discover their purpose, they triumph. And a thriving veteran triggers a ripple effect, benefiting entire communities. Our mission is to pave the way for veterans to rediscover their purpose and ignite their passion. We facilitate this by offering them avenues to immerse in various activities—be it outdoor recreation, networking, undertaking missions, volunteering, serving as mentors, or being active in our ambassador program. We're in the business of crafting journeys, and through a blend of recreation, transformative experiences, and community ties, we set them on paths that culminate in success.

Service doesn't have to end when the uniform is hung up. Once an individual commits to serving in the military, a profound sense of purpose and dedication is instilled within them, setting their experience apart from other career paths.


This is precisely why Reforge was established. Our mission is to ensure that every veteran discovers a renewed sense of excitement and purpose. Whether it's the simple joy of leading a team to victory in a sport or the intricate planning involved in orchestrating a week-long camping trip with a group, each purpose is valid and significant. It could also involve collaborating with local recruiters to facilitate enlistments. Regardless of the specific purpose, our commitment is unwavering in helping any veteran find the path that resonates with them.

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Our Thanksgiving basket initiative facilitated collaboration with Joanna Brown Homes and remarkable contributors like Giant Foods, enabling us to fill over 104 baskets to capacity with essential items, ensuring families of 4-6 had all they needed for a bountiful Thanksgiving meal.



Stockings of Service represents a partnership initiative between law enforcement and veterans, aimed at spreading Christmas cheer. This project allowed us to collaborate and ensure that over 100 children in need received full-sized Christmas stockings on Christmas Day. Our target for 2024? 500 stockings, bringing even more joy to those who need it most



Mission Hop provided an opportunity for veterans, law enforcement, and the National Guard to join forces in delivering Easter bags to children in need. These bags were brimming with toys, puzzles, treats, food, and more. This collaborative initiative not only enables us to give back to our communities but also allows our veterans to continue their service in a meaningful way.

Military man father carrying happy little son with american flag on shoulders and enjoying


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