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Unhindered access to resources and opportunities in sync with local communities


putting people first. not politics.

At Reforge, we passionately believe in the incredible strength and resilience of our Veterans and Law Enforcement. Our mission is to elevate their lives through purpose, build resilient communities, and foster holistic wellness.


But let us be clear, we don't claim to be superheroes or magicians. We're a dedicated team, a blend of civilians and veterans, who have seen the shortcomings of organizations and decided it's time for something real, authentic, and impactful. Something that puts people first, not politics. An organization that chooses quality of service provided over quantity of numbers we can advertise.


We understand that collaboration is the key to progress, and that's why we're here, working tirelessly to ensure that veterans, first responders, and their families thrive.


Our foundation is built on three unwavering pillars: Community, Purpose, and Wellness. Through these guiding principles, we're crafting journeys that empower veterans and first  responders, to discover new purpose, forge fresh passions, and build strong, supportive networks.


We're here because we've seen the wrongs, felt the frustrations, and been driven by the failures of others. We're here because we believe in something better.


Join us in shaping a brighter, more impactful future for those who have served. Together, we empower, uplift, and thrive.


At Reforge, we passionately believe that veterans are not broken; they are forged in the crucible of service, their strength tempered by adversity, and their potential limitless. Our name embodies their journey as they reforge their lives with renewed purpose. Emerging from transition as powerful, resilient forces for good, and blazing a trail for others to follow.  When warriors thrive, communities’ triumph, forging a brighter future for all!

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As a vet I have had trouble with support, a feeling of community, and overall value after my career in the military was complete. Since I have been introduced to this great organization I have felt a breath fresh air in life. I hope to remain connected to them to my best abilities and help other vets like myself get aligned with this community. 


Reforge is the nonprofit/group of people I’ve been looking for. Programs are fun, available and if an idea arises for a new opportunity it’s listened to. There is involvement with other programs/organizations in the community and that is something I really appreciate. I enjoy the level of excitement around the programs and the people who support them. Being involved with a community of veterans and volunteers who are passionate about helping each other, pushing each other and having fun has been a great experience. 


I have worked with the Reforge team and they are simply amazing. They truly care about making a difference and giving back. I can't wait to continue to see the changes they make!

hank you, Reforge, for your unwavering commitment to those who have served our Nation.


As a wife to a Veteran, I am incredibly grateful for Reforge. Their dedication to supporting Veterans is exceptional.


Reforge offers tailored services, including assistance with the VA through the VFW, Employment connections, and outdoor activities. Their personalized approach and strong community partnerships make a significant impact to our Veteran community!


Thanks to Reforge, my husband's transition to civilian life has been smoother, and our family feels more hopeful. I highly recommend Reforge to Veterans in need and those who want to support them.


Military man father carrying happy little son with american flag on shoulders and enjoying


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